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About us

About Us

We're building the modern EL(T) platform

We are a team of product managers, data engineers and data analysts who managed the ETL pipeline at Avora, a VC backed, top 25 machine learning company. We know first hand how time consuming building and maintaining data pipelines can be, the headaches that come with data source reliability, handling changing schemas and diagnosing failing feeds.
We are building the most robust and self healing data replication platform you can truly rely upon. We won't be doing the Transformation (T) in ETL, so instead we focus instead on the best integration with DBT.
On top of this, we will provide granular notification systems and the ability to then harness the data you ingest by pushing out to the apps that really need enriching (Reverse ETL).
We hope you join us on this journey, we would love your input to shape the product.


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Our approach

Focus on the user

As engineers we know how important it is to have something that works, every time. We focus on stability, speed, simplicity and affordability

The human element

What's our secret? Great people.

We only hire people with experience of solving the problems we are tackling so that every one of us is a user. On top of this we expect amazing communication and a customer first approach.

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