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Exasol is an in-memory, column-oriented relational database management system. It was built to
enable analytics with a particular focus on speed. It has an open, extensible, and flexible MPP
architecture and provides linear scalability to give businesses the basis to carry out the analytics that
they need to perform at their best.

Exasol is used in over 30 countries worldwide and can be used as a SaaS, on the cloud, on-premises,
and as a hybrid solution, meaning that businesses can use it wherever or whenever they need to.
Seamless integration and a high speed make Exasol the database management system of choice for
hundreds of businesses, globally.

Exasol can be used to generate high amounts of data that can be key to the effective and successful
running of your business. By pulling this from Exasol to your business’s own data storage solution,
you can create meaningful insights into your own performance. Gravity Data’s ETL or ELT tool does
precisely this.

ETL Your Exasol

Gravity Data’s Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) or Extract, Load, Transform (ELT) tool provides a quick,
secure, and effective way to pull the data that is generated by Exasol through to your data
warehouse or data storage process. This will save your business time and labour, ensuring that the
right information is at your fingertips, right when you need it.

Exasol Use Cases

Exasol is a popular relational database management system and some of its use cases include:

  • In-memory query processing
  • Auto-query tuning
  • Row and column-level security
  • Virtual schemas and UDF capabilities
  • Integration with your ecosystem

Features of Exasol

Exasol allows businesses to spend more time on making decisions and less on managing their data.
Some of its features include:

  • Follows SPMD model
  • Automatic self-optimisation
  • ACID rules
  • SQL Standard 2003 via interfaces such as ODBC, JDBC, or ADO.NET
  • Linux
  • Integrates support to run Java, Lua, Python, and GNU R

For more information about Exasol, you can visit their website here.

Exasol ETL - Try it free

Create Exasol data pipelines

Why use Gravity to build real-time data pipelines with Exasol

  • Simple: No code set-up of your data pipelines for Exasol
  • Secure: Enterprise security and accreditations to keep your data safe
  • Reliable: Gravity’s real-time engine supports high throughput of Exasol and manages failures elegantly to ensure your data arrives at the destination
  • Scalable: High volume with autoscaling to support your real-time data pipelines
Exasol Setup Guide

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