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Facebook (Facebook Insights) Data Source

Facebook Insights is a powerful tool that any business can use to monitor their performance
on the popular social media platform.
This includes key metrics and KPIs such as page views, likes, comments, shares and post
reach for both paid and organic posts. Additionally, it can track user behaviour, provide
invaluable demographic data, and recommend competitor websites to monitor.
Using this information, your team can optimise their marketing efforts to reach your target
audience and deliver greater ROI.
However, to use the data collected through Facebook Insights effectively, it should be
processed through an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) pipeline so the data can be further

ETL Your Facebook Insights Data

ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) is the data integration process that allows your enterprise to
gain maximum insight from the data you collected.
Here at Gravity Data, we can process your Facebook Insights Data through this, or an ELT
(Extract, Load, Transform) pipeline to ensure it can be integrated into your data warehouse
or lake with minimal additional input from you.

Facebook Insights Use Cases

It’s not enough to have detailed data at your fingertips. You also need to apply this to your
business’ processes or systems to achieve your marketing goals. Using Facebook Insights,
you can understand your visitors and their behaviour better, for example:

  • How many times your page has been viewed.
  • How many Facebook users like your post.
  • Which actions Facebook users took on your page (clicking your website link, asking
    for directions, etc).
  • How many users saw your post.
  • How many people liked, shared, commented or reacted to your post.
  • How many people viewed your video (for three seconds or more).
  • How many minutes users spend watching your videos.
  • How long you keep your audience engaged with video.

Features Of Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights boasts many features that can allow you to gain a better understanding of
customer demographics and how they engage with your business page. This includes:

  • Filters to allow you to view data per specific time period
  • Average engagements over a specific time period
  • Tracking to find out how users find your business page
  • The ability to sort posts by likes, comments, shares and engagement
  • Breakdown of the best post types
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Create Facebook Insights data pipelines

Why use Gravity to build real-time data pipelines with Facebook Insights

  • Simple: No code set-up of your data pipelines for Facebook Insights
  • Secure: Enterprise security and accreditations to keep your data safe
  • Reliable: Gravity’s real-time engine supports high throughput of Facebook Insights and manages failures elegantly to ensure your data arrives at the destination
  • Scalable: High volume with autoscaling to support your real-time data pipelines
Facebook Insights Setup Guide

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