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BigQuery is a serverless and multicloud data warehouse designed to help you turn big data into valuable business insights.



Connect now with Gravity and get BigQuery data synchronised in your data warehouse in seconds.

Therefore, no more complex and time consuming ETL scripts with Gravity’s connector.

Get BigQuery connected to your data now with our free trial!

BigQuery connector setup

  • Self-serve: Use Gravity’s BigQuery ETL connector, so all metrics and dimensions available in BigQuery can be easily imported into your system. Gravity is using a self-serve module to allow you to authenticate on any account you can get access to. Therefore it will allow access to BigQuery in order to pull all the data you are interested in.
  • ETL: After that, any data transformation needed can be done directly in Gravity’s connector to get clean and ordered data for all desired different accounts into your data warehouse – For instance Snowflake, Redshift, BigQuery, etc…
  • Pricing: No counting rows or confusing credits. With Gravity, pay per run. Whether your table has 100 or 10,000 rows, pay one simple rate per run. Similarly, you can get more details with our pricing table. But we can already guarantee that you will not find cheaper on the market.
  • Security: Gravity upholds industry leading data security standards including SOC2. Above all, keeping your critical data secure and accurate is our mission.
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