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Marin is a cloud-based marketing advertising campaign management platform. It is based online and
incorporated search engine marketing, social marketing, online advertising, and display marketing.
The Marin software is based around three aspects – Search Engine Marketing, Social Media
Marketing, and Display – a SaaS-based platform that can be used for prospecting and retargeting.

MarinOne software uses automation and an intuitive dashboard to aid its users to manage their
marketing and advertising online. With an overall spend of over $40 billion in search, social, and e-
commerce advertising, Marin’s customers can not only manage what they are doing right now but
also gain useful insights about their previous performance in online marketing.

The insights gained through Marin software can help your business to expand its reach, increase its
sales, and help you to make better business decisions. By using Gravity Data’s ETL or ELT tool, you
can organise the data created by Marin and send it to your data storage facility so that it can be
more useful to you.

ETL Your Marin

Gravity Data’s Extract, Transform, Load, or Extract, Load, Transform tool is a fast, easy and secure
way to move the data that is generated by Marin to your data warehouse or data storage process.
This enables you to reap the rewards from the insights that are provided, enabling a better analysis
and deeper understanding of your digital marketing.

Marin Use Cases

Marin software has been designed for businesses to manage their digital marketing through an
intuitive dashboard. Some of its use cases include:

  • Configurable dashboard
  • Analytics
  • Audience targeting
  • Predictive bidding
  • Multi-event conversion
  • Forecasting
  • Bidirectional synchronisation
  • Keyword tracking
  • Marketing automation
  • Scheduling

Features of Marin

Marin can give you useful marketing insights as well as enable you to manage what you are already
doing. Some of its features include:

  • External integrations including AdClear, Adobe Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and
  • Cloud
  • Automation
  • Smart sync
  • Customisation

For more information about Marin software, visit their website here.

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Create Marin data pipelines

Why use Gravity to build real-time data pipelines with Marin

  • Simple: No code set-up of your data pipelines for Marin
  • Secure: Enterprise security and accreditations to keep your data safe
  • Reliable: Gravity’s real-time engine supports high throughput of Marin and manages failures elegantly to ensure your data arrives at the destination
  • Scalable: High volume with autoscaling to support your real-time data pipelines
Marin Setup Guide

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