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PostgreSQL Data Source

PostgreSQL is an open-space and free object-relational database management system. It has an
emphasis on SQL and extensibility, and is specially designed to handle a wide range of workloads –
from data warehouses and web servers right down to single machines.

PostgreSQL is designed to be used with macOS servers and can also be used with FreeBSD, OpenBSD,
Linux, and Windows. It can be used to build applications and manage datasets regardless of their
size. It supports a range of data types, such as flexible indexing, full-text source, XML, and JSON.

The system can be used to generate important data for your business, which needs to be moved into
your own storage process or data warehouse. The best way to do this is through Gravity Data’s ETL
or ELT tool, which enables you to move the data quickly and easily.

ETL Your PostgreSQL

Extract, Transform, Load or Extract, Load, Transform is the tool that you can use to pull the data
from PostgreSQL to your business’s own data storage facility. Here at Gravity, our ETL or ELT tool
makes the process fast, simple and secure, giving you the information that you require to make the
best business decisions for you.

PostgreSQL Use Cases

PostgreSQL is a powerful database management system that is used by mainly medium-sized
businesses around the world. Some of its use cases include:

  • Protecting data integrity
  • Building applications
  • Building fault-tolerant environments
  • Reporting data

Features of PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL was born out of the Ingres database, later developed to support SQL. Some of its
features include:

  • ACID compliant
  • Front end platform to display data
  • Add-ons such as PostGIS geospacer database extender
  • Data types supported include Numeric, Boolean, JSON, Key-value, structured, geometry, and
  • B-tree, Expressions, Multicolumn, Partial
  • Table partitioning
  • Robust access-control system

Visit the PostgreSQL website here for more information.

PostgreSQL ETL - Try it free

Move data from all your sources into PostgreSQL

Why use Gravity to build real-time data pipelines with PostgreSQL?

  • Simple: No code set-up of your data pipelines for PostgreSQL
  • Secure: Enterprise security and accreditations to keep your data safe
  • Reliable: Gravity’s real-time engine supports high throughput of PostgreSQL and manages failures elegantly to ensure your data arrives at the destination
  • Scalable: High volume with autoscaling to support your real-time data pipelines
PostgreSQL Setup Guide

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