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Amazon S3 – or Amazon Simple Storage Service is an industry-leading object storage service that
serves customers of all sizes. It provides scalability, security, data availability, and performance to its
customers. It enables you to organise, optimise, and configure access to your business’s data to
meet all of your specific needs.

Amazon S3 works on the principle of objects – defined as “a file and any metadata that describes a
file”. These objects are stored in a bucket, which is given a key for you to be able to identify your
data. You are then able to configure your data to be able to support your specific use case.

It can be used to save data that you might wish to access. With Gravity Data’s Extract, Transform,
Load or Extract, Load, Transform tool, you can take the data through the data pipeline and into your
own data warehouse or storage process where you can use it for analytics or other reasons, and use
it to drive your business with a better understanding.

ETL Your Amazon S3

Using Gravity Data’s ETL or ELT tool is a quick, easy, and secure way to move your business's data
from Amazon S3 to your own storage facility. This can help you to make the best business decisions
for you, as well as save you time and money spent on labour.

Amazon S3 Use Cases

Amazon S3 is a popular service for businesses to store their data. Some of its use cases include:



  • Store mission-critical production data
  • Storage management including S3 Lifestyle (manage objects through their lifestyle), S3
    Object Lock (prevent objects from being deleted temporarily or permanently), S3 Replication
    (replicate objects and their metadata), S3 Batch Operation (manage objects at scale)
  • Access management
  • Data processing
  • Storage logging and monitoring
  • Insights and analytics

Features of Amazon S3

Amazon S3 leads the industry in the storage and manipulation of data. Some of its features include:

  • Flat object storage structure
  • Automation
  • Process tabular or structured files
  • Process CSV, JSON, or log files
  • File selection and removal by bucket or specific files

AWS SDK or Amazon S3 REST for bucket management

For more information about Amazon S3, you can visit their website here.

Amazon S3 ETL - Try it free

Move data from all your sources into Amazon S3

Why use Gravity to build real-time data pipelines with Amazon S3?

  • Simple: No code set-up of your data pipelines for Amazon S3
  • Secure: Enterprise security and accreditations to keep your data safe
  • Reliable: Gravity’s real-time engine supports high throughput of Amazon S3 and manages failures elegantly to ensure your data arrives at the destination
  • Scalable: High volume with autoscaling to support your real-time data pipelines
Amazon S3 Setup Guide

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