Gravity Data


We help data teams build real-time data pipelines in minutes to power data apps and services


Stream data from events, databases (change data capture), REST and files
to any real-time database

Automatic Topic Discovery

No need to manually input the topics you wish to stream, we discover them automatically

Blazing Performance

Sub-second performance from to end-to-end while scaling with you from millions to billions of events per day

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Guillaume Vachey

We use Gravity to stream from our databases using change data capture (cdc) and it works flawlessly

A robust data streaming platform, built with intelligence

Spend less time wrangling with infrastructure and more time analysing data while
allowing our intelligent engine to keep your pipelines running


Gravity scales cost-effectively regardless of the amount of data you have


Gravity integrates with your existing infrastructure

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring, full audit trail and alerting when a pipeline needs your attention


Share sources/sinks with colleagues

Always Secure

CCPA, HIPAA, SOC2 (Imminent)

Support Available 24/7

Engineers on standby

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Using Gravity allows you to spend your time building
real-time data apps, services and experiences


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