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Real-Time ETL for the
modern data stack.

Fast data pipelines to power data apps and analytics on your
data warehouse, data lake or real-time database

Hold on, your job is running...

Ingest data from your data sources
and send it to any destination

Say goodbye to your data replication backlog with easy to use, production ready
sources that can be added with just a few clicks. Simple, fast & stable.​

Easy and fast way to
configure your setup

We have implemented new, feature-rich ways for you to quickly get started. From bulk set-up, default schemas and data selection to different job modes and statuses.

Create syncs to get millions of data rows per minute...

Gravity is currently the fastest and easiest to use data moving platform out there, period.

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Guillaume Vachey

Gravity handles over 25m job runs per month for us without a hitch and removed months of engineering backlog.

A robust​ data replication platform, built with intelligence​

Spend less time wrangling with infrastructure and more time analysing data while
allowing our intelligent engine to keep your pipelines running

Affordable Data Replication

Gravity scales cost-effectively for teams compared to other tools


Gravity integrates with your systems for notifications and orchestration

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring, full audit trail and alerting when a job needs your attention

Multiple Destinations

Easily send your data to multiple destinations at any frequency

Always Secure

Security as standard including encryption-at-rest at all times

Support Available 24/7

Engineers on standby ensuring our production pipeline is always available

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