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Data from any Source

Build no-code data pipelines in minutes

Gravity enables analysts, data scientists and data engineers to build data pipelines without relying on IT or DevOps.

Syncs and jobs, a simple concept

Our concept is very simple. You create syncs and within each sync you create your jobs with our bulk set-up flow.

All our sources, destinations and integrations in one convenient connections overview.

Add your sources, destinations and integrations all from one screen. No more back and forth between screens.

Frame 5512

One platform to easily manage data pipelines

Historical and Streaming data
Access APIs, Streaming sources and more
Data Lake Support
Read and write Parquet, JSON, CSV, and TSV file formats
By date for optimal performance
Debugging Autonomy
Full Execution trace and detailed error messaging for quick diagnosis and resolution
Scheduled pipelines
Complete control for all your use cases

Easily configure team, plans and profiles.

We allow you to easily manage your team and members.

Powerful configuration and scheduling

Simply setup a time to replicate your data from minutes to months and go as granular as you need across your sources. For advanced scheduling such as setting whitelist hours, you can use a cron expression too.
Never worry about security

Security has been baked in to the product from the start. Encrypted by default including at rest, endpoint protection, pen testing, ISO27001 controls and anomalous behaviour detection.

11 million rows in 4 minutes
sources and destinations
<5 minutes to set-up your first job
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